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Kev's School Report

When we returned from our travels, we came to live in Cornwall. Lou enrolled me in school as she said it was important to get a good education so that I have lots of options later in life.

My good looks and business instinct have steered me towards being a model and entrepreneur. If I get some qualifications, I could choose to be a doctor, a lawyer or anything I want. The world could be my oyster!

Let me tell you all about my school and some of my subjects...

Kevin at the School Bus Stop

Here I am waiting for the school bus - check out my school uniform. It's probably a good thing that we are made to wear uniform, otherwise my fashionable style would make the other students look dowdy! I still manage to look handsome though in spite of this grey outfit.

Kev's Report Card

Being an intellectual, I have a natural flair for studying and am pretty much a straight A grade student in my core subjects -just look at my report card.

Some of my teachers do not fully appreciate my talents, and I admit that I can be a little mischievous at times...but all work and no play would make Kevin a very dull kiwi!!

My school, Sporty Tots, is a fab school. I'm in the Tamar house - all our houses are named after rivers in Cornwall. Tamar always wins lots of awards, and a lot of them are down to me of course and my intellectual and sporting excellence. I am head boy of Tamar but I may need to step down next year as I have so many commitments.

Mrs Broadbottom thinks that I have the talent to go to Oxford or Cambridge University. I will be in such demand when I leave school - I've even had a call from Sir Alan asking me to be his apprentice!

School Stats

Kevin Reading in English Class Kevin's Maths Test
Report Card - English Report Card - Maths

Kev's Self Portrait in Art Class Kevin Planning his Travels in Geography
Report Card - Art Report Card - Geography

Kevin's Cookery Class Kevin's Games Lesson
Report Card - Cookery Report Card - Games
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